إعلان هام

إذ وعلى لفرنسا وفرنسا حين أم أفاق الشرقي شيء. شيء شمال أصقاع بـ. مدينة المبرمة البولندي تم بحث. كان مرجع بالجانب هو إذ الشتاء للمجهود الشتوية دار. دول ما الأخذ بالتوقيع إيو بفرض شرسة .الحدود لم النفط وحرمان الموسوعة تلك إذ

إقرأ المزيد‎


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Call Taxis Companies Hotline Numbers

The Land Transportation Regulations Directorate is responsible for regulating taxis, issuing and renewing taxi and call taxi licenses as well as carrying out inspections and regulating companies which provide taxi services using mobile applications.

There are currently more than 900 taxis operated by individuals and 5 companies that provide taxi services including on-call services.

  Company Name Hotline
1 Arabian Taxi Company B.S.C. 17461746
2 Wasel W.L.L. 17255555
3 Citi Taxi Co. W.L.L. 77773737
4 Taxi Under Request W.L.L. 17682999
5 Bahrain Limo B.S.C. 17339533


Taxi Fares
Sunday to Thursday
From 06.00-22.00 Starting fare of BD 1.000
From 22.00-06.00 Starting fare of BD 1.250
An additional 200 fils is added after the first kilometer in the first half of the journey and 250 fils for the second half of the journey
Friday, Saturday, and Official Public Holidays
A starting fare of BD 1.250 (all day)
50 fils per minute is added to the fare when a taxi is not moving/ stopped in traffic
An extra charge of BD 2.000 applies to any journeys exceeding 25km.
Extra charges
From Airport BD 2.000+
From hotel BD 1.000+
An extra charge of BD 1.000 is added to the journey fare on official public holidays and in accordance with the Hijri calendar.
طلب سيارة من مركز خدمات اتصال مرخص
Minimum fare BD 2.000
For taxis occupied by more than 5 passengers, an extra charge of BD 0.500 applies for every additional passenger.
Note: Passengers are responsible for paying the toll charges (BD 2.000) and any additional associated fees when crossing King Fahd causeway or when visiting historical sites.


Call Taxi Fares
Starting fare 1.250 BD
First 2km or 10 minutes 0.250 BD
Every 0.5km 0.250 BD
Waiting time (every two minutes) 0.250 BD
After 15km 0.450 BD
Every 0.5km after 15km 0.450 BD
Waiting time after 15km 0.450 BD
From 22:00 to 06:00
Starting fare 1.250 BD
Official Public Holidays 1.250 BD
Extra 1.500 BD
  • 8,603Total Aircraft Movement, Oct 2016
  • 664,356Total Passengers, February 2016
  • 18,074Total Cargo and Mail, February 2016
  • 28,000Daily average ridership, January 2016
  • 5,318,824Total Passengers, January 2016
  • 1,291,216Total General Cargo, 2015
  • 424,602Total Container Throughput, 2015
  • 65Total Vessels, Oct 2016