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إذ وعلى لفرنسا وفرنسا حين أم أفاق الشرقي شيء. شيء شمال أصقاع بـ. مدينة المبرمة البولندي تم بحث. كان مرجع بالجانب هو إذ الشتاء للمجهود الشتوية دار. دول ما الأخذ بالتوقيع إيو بفرض شرسة .الحدود لم النفط وحرمان الموسوعة تلك إذ

إقرأ المزيد‎


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GCC Railway

The GCC Railway will be a regional integrated interoperable railway catering to the transport needs of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The rail network will link all six Gulf States and will serve as an alternative to air and sea travel for both cargo and passengers in the region. The network will run down the Gulf coast from Kuwait, through Saudi Arabia, to the UAE and Oman, with branches linking Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain and Qatar. 

With an overall aim to unifying the region and enhancing people connectivity and freight movement, the project is also expected to contribute significantly to the region’s economic growth, development, and prosperity and in diversifying the transport supply, reducing overall transportation costs, and providing an efficient, environmentally-sound and cost-effective transport alternative.  The project will also serve in enhancing and facilitating regional trade and in promoting GCC national supporting industries in the neighbouring economies. It will also generate employment for GCC nationals as well as build and strengthen institutional capacity and skills required for sustainable railway developments.

Bahrain section of the GCC Railway is a 87 km, double track line with mixed traffic which will link Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Bahrain with a new causeway in its first phase and provide connection to Khalifa Port and Qatar in the future. The route will include a 26km section on causeways and a 10km section on elevated structures. There will be another 28km of ancillary tracks providing connection to the port and industrial areas. Passenger services will enjoy a line-speed of 120kph and there will be an additional passenger terminal near the Airport.

  • 8,603Total Aircraft Movement, Oct 2016
  • 664,356Total Passengers, February 2016
  • 18,074Total Cargo and Mail, February 2016
  • 28,000Daily average ridership, January 2016
  • 5,318,824Total Passengers, January 2016
  • 1,291,216Total General Cargo, 2015
  • 424,602Total Container Throughput, 2015
  • 65Total Vessels, Oct 2016