إعلان هام

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إقرأ المزيد‎


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Bus Fares

Fare Type Value ( Fils per one way trip )
Single Trip 250 fils
Daily Pass 600 fils
Monthly Pass 14 BD

Things to Remember :

  • All tickets purchased are for one-way travel
  • All tickets must be bought from the driver
  • Our drivers can advise you on ticket prices and whole journey costs
  • You must retain your ticket at all times for inspection by our staff

Go Card

A GO Card is a re-useable pre-paid bus pass and can be used on any route across the new Bahrain Bus network. GO Cards are a cheaper, user-friendly alternative to the paper tickets and we have made sure they are easily accessible to all passengers across all sectors. The purpose of the GO Card is to facilitate seamless, hassle-free movement across the network at competitive rates, giving customers the option to buy and store credit for flexible journey use.

With a GO Card you can board buses much faster, as you just need to check in and out using the onboard machines; you don’t have to worry about having the correct change and you won’t need to ask the driver for change. The machine will automatically calculate your fare when you check out and deduct the fare from the credit on the GO Card.

Transfers between buses are free of charge when using your GO Card. Just check out of your first bus, and check in to your second bus within 30 minutes and the machine calculates the fare of your trip as if it was a journey on one bus.

For more information on the Go Card, please click here.

  • 8,603Total Aircraft Movement, Oct 2016
  • 664,356Total Passengers, February 2016
  • 18,074Total Cargo and Mail, February 2016
  • 28,000Daily average ridership, January 2016
  • 5,318,824Total Passengers, January 2016
  • 1,291,216Total General Cargo, 2015
  • 424,602Total Container Throughput, 2015
  • 65Total Vessels, Oct 2016